1st Thursday’s – another good reason to play in Cape Town

IMG_0389There is something really fun about pretending to be a tourist in your own home town. So last night we headed into the city to enjoy “1st Thursday” – when the art galleries open  late and the streets of central CT are filled with locals (not tourists as it turned out) enjoying the cultural heritage and food and bars of our beautiful city!

As you arrive at your first gallery, you notice people drinking wine from plastic glasses (really!!!) and strolling on the streets. Turns out that the wine is freely available at all venues, with just a donation required – or not – your call! So armed with out plastic wine glass and a little “entry level ” quaffing wine, we join the the crowds and attempt to become a little more “cultured”!

IMG_0378Every spot adds to the fun- including wonderful old 60’s cars on sale! Crowds spill out of the many restaurant, but they have learned how to serve us quickly – limited food and booze options mean that no queue is forever!

IMG_0379As this is a spontaneous evening – you have no idea which galleries will make you want to spend more time, which bars and restaurants will grab your attention and how your evening will take shape… we nearly tripped and fell at the first hurdle… having taken a taxi into town, we were dropped outside the Alexander Bar in Strand St – the vibe was good, we nearly got comfortable and dismissed the galleries – rookie error!


The main focus point seems to be around Church Street and the many galleries around Greenmarket Square. At every venue there is a map highlighting galleries (open till 9) and the many bars and restaurants – far more available to play than there is time to do. The map however gives you a fake feeling of being in control of your evening!


So, we drifted into the first gallery and found not only free wine, but also a guest speaker and the presence of a number of artists. To be fair, we realized that not all art is to everyone’s taste – thank goodness, as many pieces were well above what we could afford – any many pieces we simply did not understand – or like! What a pleasure to pretend that we could be furnishing our home and with no pressure to buy!

IMG_0381The crowd was eclectic, very few tourists it seemed. Plenty of cool Capetonians just hanging out and enjoying the inner city life style. So maybe we would have felt more part of the crowd if we had a few facial body piercings – or if our hair was a fabulous green – but as Joe Middle Class Aging Groupie – we were completely accepted. We are not cool, but we are welcome!

IMG_0392We were slightly daunted by the crowds on the pavements outside the many bars and restaurants, and wanted to eat outside (still enjoying sadly scary warm winter weather) – so we settled on the Weinhaus & Biergarten on Heritage Square. It was vibey and full of fun people, but again, with the clever menu selection, getting great food was really quick and easy. We joined a crowded table, ordered a house red at R150 ($8) and had a delicious lamb shwarma (minus pita bread) and a grilled sticky pork neck steak with tzatziki and salads (both R70, or about $4.50) – basically a free night out!

Fabulous fun evening. In July we will be in Scotland, but first Thursday in August – guess where we will be found! Join us!!!!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Dionne says:

    Wow had no idea this existed in Cape Town!


  2. Nicolette says:

    What a superb read. Next visit to Cape Town this will be on the list😊


    1. As long as we play with you!


  3. Haven’t been in a while, while need to get there next month


    1. Next month we can’t play with you, but after that…lets do it!


  4. Jenflet says:

    Love your blog Mich!


    1. Thanks Jen, hold tight, we’ve only just begun!!! And when we get to play with you in Portugal… you will play a key role in it! Yippee


  5. Tracy London says:

    Can’t wait to head out to the next 1st Thursday. Knew about it, but never been as wasn’t sure what it entailed. I’m convinced to make the trip now.


  6. Stephen Jeffery says:

    So we usually make the rookie error and default in just focusing on the food and wine – will try and see at least one gallery next time. And Pete with green hair!! LOL


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