Top tip on being a “tourist” in Cape Town


Many visitors to Cape Town have the V&A Waterfront  on their “must do list” – this makes other run screaming in the other direction! We tend to give it a wide berth over summer, but hey, this is a Friday in winter, maybe we should see if the hype is still valid.


We avoid malls like the plague, so immediately fled from the shopping area and went on the hunt for a light meal and some wine with a view. The choice was wide and being a “work day”, the crowds were thin and it was easy to get a table overlooking the boats with Table Mountain as backdrop.

IMG_0438Sevruga has always been a favorite of ours – you can count on good food from an expansive menu – or is that expensive? With that stunning view and crisp linen tablecloths, we expected to pay like a tourist… ouch, but this is a treat.

Given the unseasonal warmth, we quickly settled on sushi and a bottle of pink (delicious The Foundation Stone fRose rom Rickety Bridge Winery). The prices on the menu were surprisingly affordable, but not a bargain!

I had the most fantastic seared tuna salad – it was huge, wth a really generous serving of flash seared slices of tuna on a bad of lettuce and raw zucchini “noodles” topped with avocado and sesame seeds. The most outstanding dressing which tasted of sesame oil, soya sauce and wasabi served in a little jug for you to drench over the salad.


So we kicked back , sipped our wine and watched the world drift by, enjoying the best Cape Town has to offer. We called for bill, knowing we had not overdone it … Hang on – something was wrong – the total due was nowhere near what we expected! We looked closer and saw that the spectacular sushi was all half price! Really… just for today we wondered? Nope, apparently half price sushi (and dim sum and cocktails) is available every day of the week till 7pm and on Sundays right through to the evening close!

Peter’s salmon and prawn rice free “Bam Bam” rolls came in at R63 (about $4.50) and my huge, delicious generous seared tuna salad was a whopping R58 (about $4) and you don’t even have to be a local to get the deal. For us it was the bargain of the century – it must feel free to those traveling on Euro’s, Dollars and Pounds!

So, another place we have to return to – next time, we may be greedy and offset the bargain prices by simply ordering more…and maybe kick off the leisurely lunch with a half price cocktail before a bottle of fabulous wine from the Winelands. We sometimes wonder why exactly we travel…




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  1. Nicolette says:

    What a fantastic discovery, half price sushi 💛 Such a brilliant meeting point for locals and visitors, a definite must! The choices at the Waterfront are so great, the Jolly Rodger trip still gives me a tickle of an outstanding voyage out to sea. As an expat who hold CT dearly as my place of birth I have so many fantastic moments to remember. Thanks for sharing your great day 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tx Nix – look forward to enjoying half price sushi and some wine as soon as you arrive in town!


  2. Paul J. Windover says:

    Great afternoon love that tuna salad and the price
    Nice pics have fun missing the Cape thanks for the memories
    See you all soon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tx Paullie, you introduced us to the fabulous salad and sushi! need to do it together soon!


  3. Helande says:

    Sounds like a special visit to spoil my sushi loving eldest is in order! Thanks for sharing!


    1. It really is worth it! Both the view and the half price sushi!


  4. Jenny Fletcher says:

    Thanks Mich. X


  5. Belinda voortman says:

    Wow i will give it a try in July!! Tx for a stunning article!


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