Cape comes to Cambridge – International Chenin Blanc Day

IMG_0850Whenever we pack gifts and wine for friends, we always wonder, with all the wonderful wines from the Cape, what would really be perfect? We discovered that 17 June was International Chenin Blanc Day…. and we’re delighted to find at the Duty Free at Cape Town International some Jordan Wines Chenin Blanc… Inspector Perigneuy 2016! Bought and bubble wrapped, chilled on arrival and shared for sundowners in a beautiful flower filled English Country Garden! Pity there was not space for more!

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  1. Does it ALWAYS have to be wine? Someone you know makes beautiful screenprinted pillow cases with South African designs that are perfectly packaged for overseas travellers……… just saying…… ❤

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  2. Ooops, good thinking! So much easier to carry than wine, but ten again it could be awkward to offer to share a pillowcase! Next time!


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