Best pub grub in Edinburgh!

IMG_1199Sometimes pub grub is the best! We were told of 2 pubs near the beautiful (but no doubt scary pricey) Balmoral Hotel. We headed to the first today, – Cafe Royal!


Spoiled for choice, we settled on 3 magnificent (and surprisingly large and filling) starters. The first was seared giant king scallops on black pudding with a light mustard smear! Juicy, plump, creamy and everything north Scottish waters promise! A hefty 12 quid but a generous portion!

The second, a traditional Cullen Skink with Arbroath Smokie. Think rich creamy slightly smokey chowder with fresh chives. Delicious, tastes familiar but with a Scottish twist, at 7 quid you can’t go wrong!


Third starter to share was a course pork and cider pate and a few pickles and home baked sour dough. All plates paired perfectly with a Giotto Pinot Grigio. Perhaps a single malt would be more appropriate, but there is always tomorrow…


So how was it? Perfect location – opposite the central beautiful Balmoral Hotel, just behind the iStore…by definition in this new world, if you are near the iStore you are in prime central real estate!

Food delicious, traditional without being just touristy. Wine and spirit list…. forgiving! Ambience… old style wood paneled, stained glass, high ceilings.

Find it in Register Street or look it up on Highly recommended for a great lunch in Edinburgh!

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  1. Tracy London says:

    Loving being an armchair tourist with you both. My mouth is watering. Can’t wait to see what’s next.


    1. Being a bit lazy – too much eating and drinking to get behind a key board… but many stories saved up! Glad you are enjoying the blog!


  2. michele de Chastelain says:

    Sounds just delicious. Not keen on black pudding though. Haggis is far nicer – hope you managed to track and shoot one for a meal soon.


  3. Morag Mackay says:

    Scotland is my birth country and I was there this time last year. All this sharing prickles my eyes and I see a wee piper beckoning. Don’t forget to taste the haggis and once a hairy koo burger has been swallowed you will be back for more. Awesome blog Michelle xx


    1. So glad you are enjoying our blog Morag! We are absolutely loving Scotland – can’t believe it has taken our whole life to get here!


  4. Want to hear about those single malts tomorrow enjoy see you soon


  5. Sipping some single malt right now Paullie – story to follow!


  6. Jackie R says:

    All looks delicious!


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